2018 marked a turning point for Pharmazet Group. We gave ourselves our own business masterclass. A 15 year junction and a time we can fully introduce our Centre of Excellence in pharma services with three important, yet simple pillars.

  • Being clearer on what we are able to deliver to our clients, all our services are proven by actual certification which Pharmazet as legal entity not only offer to deliver to our clients but also have been certified for by leading Health Authorities. Yes, we can proudly announce that we are GMP certified with our own EUBRSs around EU, we do hold a PSMF system which is inspected on regular basis with minor observation only, we distribute the medicinal products of our clients from our own GDP certified warehouses and last but not least, yes, of course Pharmazet Group is ISO 9001.
  • Being a truly global pharma service provider with a strong presence within EU, own offices in UK with full establishment ready for Brexit, inspected sites in US and Asia – we achieve another milestone of comprehensive geographical coverage.
  • The last pillar has been the biggest change in current industry of pharmaceutical service providers. We are strongly committed to promoting our unique approach to business development.
  • We have not had any sales team for the last 20 years neither we are planning to have one! We are not doing telesales, hosting breakfast briefings, attending awards ceremonies and networking events. We have a simple website and we do a bit of social media but we are focusing on our existing clients, continuously generating ideas for business improvements to deliver fast, cost effective , yet a comprehensive solution on tasks A to Z in pharma industry.

And yes, we know that that we are a bit different than the rest of the crowd but we are proud to say – our PR and business development is recommendation of our clients. It's a very good feeling and an annual double digit growth of our business proven that this is our way forward! » Services